In the remote mountains of Fyresdal, Norway, clear mountain springs flow forth, delivering some of the purest naturally filtered waters in the world. We bottle Nordic Life water directly from the source, to deliver that purity directly to your table. No changes, alterations or additions – simply natural Norwegian spring water.

Whether you’re in a nightclub in New York, sailing in the Mediterranean, hiking the Great Wall or surfing the Gold Coast, when you open a bottle of Nordic Life you join us for a moment in the cool clear mountains of


Each drop of Nordic Life water comes from the same supply in Fyresdal – the Modal Kilden, or “Modal well”.


Nordic Life water is naturally pure, with one of the lowest counts of total dissolved solids of any spring water in the world.

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Our water is available in a range of bottle sizes and materials to suit every occasion – from restaurants to mountain tops.


All the latest updates from the Nordic Life brand including news, articles, interviews, product launches, events, and partnerships.

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Hiba Abouk is Nordic Life´s stunning new ambassador. The actress is already aboard of our exciting journey. Would you like to join her?

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