Dehydration: an inside look at “the silent power killer”

Do you really know what fluids are the best to hydrate with? If so, would you really know how to use them? Dehydration severely inhibits your ability to push your limits and can be deadly, especially if you don’t pay sufficient attention to what is considered as the silent energy killer.

Firstly, to prevent dehydration, you should always carry a supply of water with you and also stop more often to increase and replenish your fluids. Nordic Life’s PET bottles are ideal for the purpose.

When you’re on the go, you may not feel the effects of dehydration so drastically, but if this happens while you’re exercising, loss via sweating can account for 2% of your body weight, meaning that your performance can go down by 40%.

Water vs Sport Drinks

If you have doubts about sports drinks, remember they are an excellent vehicle for carbohydrate delivery. Consider replacing carbs at the same time as electrolytes and fluids, to maximise your available energy. Try combining them with your water intake.

These kinds of drinks also contain extra electrolytes that help your body’s nerve and muscle regulation. When you’re exercising for long periods or training under hard conditions or humidity, sports drinks can also be beneficial to replace the lost nutrients.

However, pure natural mineral water is essential for any athlete that wishes to perform optimally. Often you hear that some athletes refuse to drink water and that they prefer sports drinks instead, but it’s absolutely crucial to cut down the sugars and additives from the sports drinks and consider natural alternatives.

Try cutting up some fresh fruit and placing it inside your water bottle to help flavour it. When you’re sitting at the table, remember your Nordic Life glass bottle at every meal. On the go? Grab your refillable water bottle to measure the daily water intake.

How often should you drink?

You should keep drinking water regularly throughout the day. Before you go to the gym, more or less an hour before exercise, drink a half a litre of water or so. During a heavy workout try to drink a little every 10-15 minutes. In the end, remember to replace the amount of fluid lost within the first 2 hours after exercise.

Recovery drinks can help you with replenishing electrolytes lost in sweat, but regarding pure hydration, natural mixes (mineral water with lemon, citrus etc…) are a much healthier option.

Remember to make it mandatory that you have your water bottle ready before, during and after every exercise session. The importance of correct hydration for well-being cannot be overstated – drinking sufficient water is crucial for optimal sports performance, as well as for your own health.


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