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The top 6 activities that require full hydration

With the arrival of 2019, you’ve got no excuse for not choosing a personal sports routine that keeps you happy and healthy. Get out there and put plenty of fun into fitness with some decent physical activity. Create your own routine and enjoy the benefits of taking care of yourself with a big smile on your face.

Before you start, take into consideration that there are several sports that due to their nature or condition, require you to pay particular attention to your hydration levels. To avoid fatigue and keep your muscles working it’s essential to drink lots of liquids before, during, and after your selected work out. Never rely on thirst alone to tell you how much you need to drink. Anticipate your body’s needs and keep pumping with your Nordic Life sports bottle in hand.

When you’re preparing for a demanding workout, it’s important to drink about two glasses of fluid a few hours before the activity. This guarantees that you are well hydrated before you even leave home. During the routine, try to drink a little every 15 minutes to keep your muscles well hydrated.

To get in top shape for the spring and summer seasons, start going to the gym in winter, it’s one of the best indoor training options. If you are planning an extended visit to the gym, remember to take Nordic Life’s half litre water bottle with you.

A decent gym workout always has loads of health benefits, but if you’d prefer to tone up without being surrounded by sticky weights, and crowded equipment, here’s a few alternatives which will make you feel great in no time.


Step off the gym’s treadmill and hit the street with appropriate trainers. Breathe fresh air, watch the changing scenery and enjoy the countless benefits of upping your pace above 8 mph. while you tone your muscles and burn over a thousand calories. Running works every part of our body but do be aware of the surface underfoot as prolonged high-impact running can put strain on the hips and knees.


A great alternative to running, as swimming has some of the best overall health benefits due to its lack of impact on our knees and ankles. If you have a pool nearby, put some time aside to jump in the water and swim some laps. If you manage to stay in there for at least an hour, you will get rid of at least 500-800 calories. Give it a try and be amazed at how quickly you’ll appreciate the benefits.


Provides you with an optimal full body and brain workout. It helps keep your heart healthy, gives your muscles what they need, improves your flexibility and enhances your cognitive skills. Also, practising tennis regularly makes you feel great and boosts your mood. It’s a great workout overall; however, you need to make sure you hydrate accordingly. You can lose more than 800 calories per hour, so you need to keep drinking to get your forehand going. Your shoulders, forearms and hips will highly appreciate it if you give it a go.

Stair climbing

When you’re told about stair-climbing, you might think of a machine that simulates stairs, but how about doing the real thing? Yes, start climbing to the top of your building, and you will soon find out why athletes take on this activity. The climbing motion not only works the lower body but also makes the upper half strain as well. Grab your Nordic Life water bottle, go outdoors, choose your favourite staircase and start the exercise by jumping with your feet together up one stair, then two at a time. Before you even realise you’ll already have 700 calories gone.

Martial arts

Gyms are full of people learning martial arts that have no real intention of challenging anyone inside the ring. Many experts consider that practising combat arts is an excellent toning up technique, as these disciplines require moving quickly in a variety of ways. If you’re looking to work off some stress, you can’t go wrong if you take up judo, karate or taekwondo. Remember you don’t have to learn the skills with the intention of fighting or grappling. Think about the 1,000 calories you’re going to burn without realising.


If you’re really into Cross-Fit training, you’re probably very familiar with rope jumping. This exercise is included in many WODs although it was initially known as the most famous boxer’s warm up.

Skipping is highly effective, and after a few minutes, you will no longer consider it as a simple preface activity. It works the entire body and helps you with hand-eye coordination. Grab a rope and witness how quickly you can improve your foot and hand speed as you burn 900 calories on the way. For a higher challenge try incorporating speed steps, side swings and crossing patterns to your routine.

If you decide to challenge yourself and give any of these activities a try, you’ll require a significant hydration enhancement so always make sure you have your Nordic Life bottle inside the sports bag.


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