Hydration with Nordic Life

The hidden benefits of good hydration

We all know water is essential, and if we go without it for too long we feel the lack of it – a raging thirst. But what about the less obvious effects of a slight lack of water? If we don’t keep ourselves regularly hydrated, over time that can begin to affect us in a number of ways.

At Nordic Life we know better than most how important it is to drink plenty of high quality water. We’ve put together 5 good reasons to listen to your body and stay hydrated.

Maximize your physical performance

Any athlete will tell you that hydration is one of the most crucial elements in any training regime. During even moderate exercise, your body’s fluid requirements increase significantly as you lose more water through breathing and perspiration. Keeping topped up is a must. But it’s not just marathon runners or triathletes who need to worry about this. Anyone with an active job or a sporting lifestyle will find they perform much better when their body has the water it needs.

Boost brain function

The brain isn’t just the most energy-hungry organ in the body, it has a huge thirst as well. Even a slight level of dehydration can begin to impair concentration, lead to lower mood and have a negative effect on your working memory. Frequent headaches are often a warning sign that you should take on more water, and as always, you should listen to your body.

Improve digestion

The digestive tract is not the most glamourous part of the body, but there’s no doubting its importance. Without sufficient water each day things can get somewhat blocked up, and this can lead to discomfort and ultimately health problems. Proper hydration will keep things moving as they should be – so bear that in mind and drink plenty of water, especially with large meals.

Maintain cardiovascular health

If you want to keep your blood pumping, keep your water intake flowing. In a dehydrated body, the blood volume is lowered, which means your heart has to work harder to keep all your cells supplied with oxygen. This can make even minor exercise difficult, and has an impact on overall health. When you’re properly hydrated, the heart’s job is made much easier – and remember -a happy heart is a healthy one.

Keep your kidneys clear

Anyone who’s suffered kidney stones will tell you it’s not an experience you want to repeat. While there are a number of factors which can promote the development of kidney stones, it’s generally agreed that a diet featuring a healthy amount of water can greatly reduce the risk. Where possible, look for low TDS as the lack of calcium and other minerals is even better for good kidney health, rather than adding to the problem. Containing less than 50mg/l total dissolved solids Nordic Life is an excellent example of this type of premium water.


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