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Introducing Ainhoa González – Spain´s TV rising presenter

TV weather forecasting used to be overshadowed by the news which preceded it – but no longer. Now, this segment has an impact all its own, with its own personality and stars. Unsurprisingly, advertisers have been quick to recognise its potential. One of the leading examples of this phenomenon is Telemadrid’s rising star Ainhoa González. We caught up with her to talk about her role, the pressures of being one of the faces of the capital’s main TV station, and her life outside the studio.

Hi Ainhoa, thank you for joining us today. First, can you tell us a little about how you became a TV meteorologist?

I’ve worked in television ever since I was young. At the beginning I used to combine my career in media with my role as a model. Things started to get very channeled towards news gathering but before presenting the weather I was involved in a variety of other topics such as leisure, culture, investigation and editorial content for magazines. My current job came about quite suddenly – but it didn’t take much time to decide this was a direction I wanted to go in.

How do you feel about the new era in weather forecasting?

It’s actually great to have much more to offer. We are no longer limited to just news gathering and I enjoy presenting a range of wider content, especially related to environment and ecology. I believe that we are seeing a change of mentality regarding our roles on TV. Currently there is a closer relationship with the audience and the quality of the content is higher. Forecasting the weather is now dynamic and refreshing in terms of style. I personally appreciate this very much.

Did you need to familiarize yourself with weather terminology at short notice?

Almost one week after my arrival I was already performing in front of the camera. I had to make the forecasting language flow even though my expertise in this field was low at the time. The content was sent to me to polish and adapt to my own style, and the maps and forecast were given to me to explain in my own words. This period helped me grow in confidence and learn about all the elements that are involved in weather in general. Now, I develop the complete process, and I’m responsible for the output from beginning to end.

Is weather forecasting very different to other TV formats?

It’s not so different because, after all, everything revolves around the present, but it does have very particular details. When you present anything purely informative, the content is – speaking generally – simply that, information; but in meteorology we are very aware that everything we report generates great audience interest, as it has a direct impact upon their plans, their day-to-day life. We offer a closer relationship with the audience.  Also our visual sources are different to other formats.

What other programs would you like to work on in the future?

Art in general, literature, cinema, and music are areas that particularly appeal to me, and I have had previous experience in these. A news program covering leisure and culture, with a modern and original point of view, would be a format that I would love, not only to present, but also to fully involve myself in its design and development.

When you are outdoors do you ever unconsciously look up to the sky?

I do, very often, and also consciously! Not only from a meteorological point of view but also because I like to look around me, feel the environment I’m in. And I encourage anyone I’m with to do so too. I love to observe the sky. Nature is a gift, and I think we should all stop from time to time and look at what’s above our heads; it helps us to relax, to gain another perspective on things. It has a healing effect.



Nordic Life is a key part of the water cycle you’re so familiar with. Were you aware about TDS in water before trying Nordic Life?

Of course, I’ve been aware of the different dissolved solids in water for years. It’s a key consideration when choosing the water I drink.

Are you the kind of person who remembers to drink water before they are thirsty?

Yes, because I always have a bottle of water handy, and I try to turn it into a habitual gesture.

How important are healthy habits in your lifestyle?

Feeling healthy on the outside and inside helps me be happy, and keeps me balanced in general. First: we are what we eat (and drink); and second: no matter how much you care for your body, if your interior is not in harmony, it will not help.

I am aware that there is a direct relationship between the two and in my day to day I look after that balance. Despite that, I have to admit that my personal appearance is more to do with good genes rather than effort. I have to thank my parents for that! I have never gone on any kind of diet. I try to eat healthily, but of course I still give myself treats.

Any kind of things that you try to avoid eating?

Not really. Now I am more aware than before; I avoid processed food as much as possible and try to control my intake of sugar. What has changed is my perception – it is not that I worry more now, but before I was worried about my figure, and the idea of putting on weight, but now what matters more for me is the harmful effect of bad eating on my health.

Do you do any kind of sport?

I used to go swimming and attend pilates classes, but right now I no longer find the time to maintain a routine. It’s difficult because of my work schedule.

Do you have any professional dreams yet to fulfil?

I prefer destiny to surprise me – so far it has always done so positively – so I trust in this. Whatever it is, I will try to do the best I can: it is the only technique I know. I don’t have specific professional desires, just to be happy with what I do. I think that is the best expectation I can have and I already feel very lucky with what I have done up the the present.


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