Eco-Friendly PET bottles

An inside look at Nordic Life’s Eco-Friendly PET bottles

When glass isn’t a practical option, Nordic Life’s Eco-Friendly PET bottles are definitely your best choice in terms of portability and safety.

Our customers worldwide choose them because they don’t leach any chemicals, they are easy to carry, lightweight, shatter-resistant and 100% recyclable.

In general, PET bottles have a significantly lower ecological footprint than many other kind of plastics. The raw material used during their production process is lower than with many other plastics, and as they are fully recyclable, packaging waste is reduced considerably – which means less impact on incinerators or landfill sites.

You may also like to know that by choosing Nordic Life’s recyclable PET bottles you can help save up to 60% of production energy. Compared to any other energy requirements for new plastic production, PET containers are definitely leading the way in eco-friendliness.

Key Facts about our PET bottles

  • Grouped in recycling category Nº 1
  • Free of BPA
  • Globally recognised as a safe, recyclable packaging material.
  • Scientifically proven as a non-toxic material for the storage of beverages.


  • PET represents the most favourable option when compared to aluminium cans and glass bottles.
  • A cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging option.
  • Life cycle analysis have determined how favourably the environmental footprint and greenhouse gas emissions of manufacturing PET bottles compares to alternative forms of packaging.

So from now, finding a bottle of water that doesn’t leach chemicals and is safe to drink from will no longer be a difficult task – simply add one of our PET bottles to your gym bag or locker to ensure safe and enjoyable exercise which doesn’t hurt the environment.


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