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New Nordic Life Natural Sparkling Water

If you like a little sparkle in your glass, you’ll be pleased to hear that Nordic Life has launched a new carbonated version of our premium natural water.

Nordic Life Natural Sparkling Water is the same pure Norwegian water you’re used to, from the same source and with the same guarantee of quality. All we’ve added is the fizz.

Nordic Life Natural Sparkling Water makes a perfect addition to the dinner table, boardroom or drinks cabinet, with the added sensation imparted by the carbonation process giving it a slightly different flavour profile.

With as little as 40 mg/l TDS, our sparkling water is a ideal and subtle complement to fine wine, creative cuisine or as an addition to healthy and refreshing cocktails. And if you’re one of those people who find still water a little dull as a daily beverage, choosing Nordic Life Natural Sparkling Water over a sugary or caffeinated soda will do wonders for your health.

From a health and hydration perspective, the benefits are exactly the same as for our still water, although if you’re bringing a bottle along on your morning run you may want to take care when opening the cap.

It’s much better to drink it than to wear it!


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