agua pura de fyresdal

A perfect filter: The geology of Fyresdal

What makes Nordic Life water unique? We’ve asked many people, in many places around the world and we get a slightly different answer each time. Some talk about the exceptionally pure nature of the water, some mention the clear, crisp taste, for some people it’s the elegant simplicity of the bottle which makes it stand out.

Before all of this though, we have to look at the origin of the water itself. What makes Nordic Life water unique is the source – the Fyresdal valley, high in the unspoilt mountainous regions of Norway. But even this is only part of the story.

Before emerging at the mouth of the spring, Nordic Life water is filtered and purified by the surrounding rock from which it flows forth – and that’s what truly gives it its unique characteristics.

The surrounding mountains are a mixture of igneous and sedimentary rock, laid down over millions of years, and it’s these which the water travels through on its long journey to the surface. With each metre it travels, impurities are gradually filtered out, creating one of the purest naturally occurring spring waters on the planet.

The rock doesn’t just take away impurities, it also imparts minerals to the water. In the case of Nordic Life however, this is extremely minimal, with a very small amount of total dissolved solids in the water itself. This is borne out in the extremely subtle flavour profile which makes it such a match for fine wines, perfectly balanced cocktails and delicately flavoured foods.

By the time the water reaches the surface source in Fyresdal, and from there, the local Nordic Life bottling facility, the journey has altered its character in such a way that it is unlike any other, even in the neighbouring valleys.

When you open a bottle of Nordic Life, whether you’re standing in Fyresdal itself, or on the other side of the world on an Australian beach, the water you drink is the product of those mountains, those rocks, that journey.


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