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Christmas Cocktails with Nordic Life Water

You’ve probably used premium water to spruce up mojitos or to temper a powerful whisky but most likely you’ve never considered it to be a main ingredient when contemplating cocktail creation.

We are only a few weeks away from Christmas and it’s time to brush off those cocktail-making skills for the coming celebrations. Did you know there are healthy ways of socializing and enjoying a drink without all those calories? Simply swapping out your usual lemonade or tonic for Nordic Life premium natural water means you can enjoy a delicious cocktail, guilt free.

Have you ever tasted an amazing cocktail at a cool nightclub, found out the recipe and then felt really disappointed when you prepared your own at home? Was your version tasteless and boring? Maybe your mixing skills were to blame, but what if the real problem lies in a poor water source?

Try adding Nordic Life’s pure natural water to your fabulous Pomegranate & Vodka cocktail and you will feel festive instantly. Nordic Life’s low TDS water can also elevate a Sprigs of Thyme cocktail along with sparkling lemonade, vodka and pomegranate seeds. Finally try chilling out with a Christmas Fizz gin-based cocktail with egg white and yolk, lemon juice, sugar and water syrup and Nordic Life.

Is the difference in the water?

The highest-rated waters generally contain a low concentration of TDS and Nordic Life certainly fits the bill. Several bottled water tests have pointed out that a TDS level below 50mg/l gives the purest taste. Both coffee and tea tasters also agree that a neutral water is the one to choose. Even when no water is directly added to a cocktail, the ice melt is significant and makes up roughly 40% of the total mass of a cocktail.

When it comes to “lightening up” a drink, you can either use water as an infusion agent for cocktails or as a starring ingredient in its own right. To infuse, add water to the fruit or vegetable to be infused. Take two cups of water and add watermelon juice and let it steep overnight. Strain out the watermelon the next day and add vodka or light rum for a fruity but mellow watermelon drink.

For a great mocktail, make a rum-free mojito with premium water and feel all the minted lime flavour. For an exotic inspired cocktail to serve with Hawaiian platters add ginger and mint leaves and a glass of Nordic Life, vodka or white rum.

There are many other recipes that highlight water as a cocktail ingredient so remember to start brainstorming to impress your guests during your Christmas celebrations.


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