Nordic Life Bottle render

Designing the iconic Nordic Life bottle

When we first founded Nordic Life, we knew that to bring our exceptionally pure premium water to the world we’d need an exceptional vessel to do so. We wanted to create something which reflected the qualities which make Nordic Life so unique, whilst protecting the unparalleled quality of the water itself.

Our designers started from the principle of simplicity – inspired by the purity of Nordic Life water, we knew that the bottle had to communicate that, and not overshadow it.

From the initial sketches, right through to the first prototypes, we assessed each concept on this basis. If any element was unnecessary, it was removed – if any design was too overbearing, it was rejected.

As the final design began to take shape, we also had to consider the physicality of the end product. Nordic Life is a water to be celebrated, to be enjoyed, so we were keen to create something accessible, without any ostentatious or superfluous features. The bottle had to be functional, comfortable to use and feel natural in the hand.

In the final design meeting before we started working towards production, we settled on a classic outline, with clean lines and an overall form reminiscent of a column of ice hewn from a glacier.

We kept the branding and surface design to a minimum, so the most visually dominant element would be the pure, clear water itself. The PET version was designed to match the glass bottle as closely as possible, within the limitations of the material used, and to evoke the same quality of simplicity.

Our aim with each was the same – to emphasise the water, poured out as clear and pure as it was on the day it was sourced. The bottle is merely the vehicle, the water is the star.


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