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From source to bottle – The Nordic Life journey

As pure as nature intended. For thousands of years, Nordic Life’s natural water has traveled through the cracks in the earth and mountains of the Fyresdal Valley in Telemark, Norway. The whole area is renowned as the home of downhill skiing, and nearby is the end of the water’s purifying journey, as it reaches the surface sources, providing crystal-clear water to Nordic Life’s local bottling plant in the foothills of the mountain region.

Here we find a state-of-the-art filling and packaging factory, an enviable facility in which the outflowing water is bottled by Scandinavian experts in the production, labeling, packaging and export of premium water.

Taken straight from the source, the water flows into the bottling plant where it maintains a constant temperature of 8ºC all year round – whether the outside temperature is 30ºC in summer or minus 30ºC in winter. The plant is equipped with the latest technologies and has the advantage of being in direct contact with real unspoiled nature and fresh air. Fyresdal is surrounded by wildlife, medieval wooden houses, fjords, forests, inland waters and rivers. The perfect cradle for some of the purest water on earth.

The unique geology of the Fyresdal valley means that Nordic Life has a natural cleanness and a low threshold of minerals/salts that makes it unique – free of additives, pollution, and the “human touch.”

As a result, Nordic Life delivers a soft, gentle, pure and low-TDS water (only 40 mg/L), straight to your table. The water is supplied in beautiful glass bottles and also in portable PET versions. In either case, the water is poured out as clear and pure as it was on the day it was sourced.

Nordic Life provides water for individual servings, sharing bottles for dining companions and table bottles which are designed for higher consumption. The whole production chain is environmentally conscious and provides exclusive and recyclable containers that are not only suited to the dinner table but are also designed for when people are on the go, with no worries about breakage.

For more than 3,000 years, the inhabitants of Fyresdal have enjoyed the pure essence of this incredible water.

Now Nordic Life is ready to share their secret with the world.


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