Ainhoa González telemadrid

Introducing Ainhoa González – Spain´s TV rising presenter

TV weather forecasting used to be overshadowed by the news which preceded it – but no longer. Now, this segment has an impact all its own, with its own personality and stars. Unsurprisingly, advertisers have been quick to recognise its potential. One of the leading examples of this phenomenon is Telemadrid’s

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Spring Water Nordic Life

The myths and legends behind water

The Fyresdal valley is a magnificent landscape surrounded by mountains and small villages that form a central part of the living history of Norway. Most famous is the lake and its surroundings where many legendary Viking warriors are buried. Nearby is the local hermitage, a spot where countless legends have

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Hydration Tips while working out

Hydration tips for a healthy lifestyle

So how can you tell if you’re properly hydrated? Many sources suggest that an intake of 1-2 litres of water per day is necessary to ensure proper hydration, but this is a very rough guide. If you’re eating a wide variety of foods, you’ll gain a certain amount of your

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